Weekend of July 5th

Good afternoon and Happy Independence Day. As it is a holiday weekend, service disruptions are relatively light. There are still a few big ones in place though. This weekend is the first of two where 2 and 5-line service in the Bronx is replaced by shuttle buses. Also, work on the northern portion of the 8th Avenue line continues from last week. There are a few bi-directional local runs in place, one on Queens Blvd and the other along 4th Avenue in Brooklyn (though the latter is only in place on Sunday). A few other minor service changes are in effect as well. As always, the map has the details. Click the link below for it.


P.S. Starting tomorrow, both Buhre Av and Zerega Av on the 6-line are closed for station renovation.

Weekend of June 28th

Good afternoon folks. Let’s keep this one brief, shall we? First off, the 5 is once again suspended north of East 180 St, as is the 7 west of Queensboro Plaza. This weekend also marks the beginning of a four week stretch of weekend closures of the 8th Avenue line north of 168 St. Northbound A trains will terminate at 168 St while C trains will turn on the lower level of 145 St. We’ve also got Manhattan-bound 6 trains running express between Pelham Bay Park and Parkchester, as well as express only service along parts of the Brighton line in Brooklyn. As always, the map has all of the details. Click the link for it. Enjoy the (cooler, less humid) weekend.


Weekend of June 21st

Good afternoon everyone. Here are the service disruptions in place for this weekend. First off, the 5 is once again truncated to E 180 St northbound. Shuttle buses are replacing train service through Dyre Av. Secondly, the 7-line is shut down again between Queenboro Plaza and Times Sq. Also, there is reduced service running west of 74 St-Broadway. On the 8th Avenue line, we have two service outages. There will be no service along the Lefferts Blvd branch of the A-line between Rockaway Blvd and Lefferts Blvd & E-train service is rerouted from the World Trade Center to 2 Av.

We’ve also got a few other reroutes in place as well. Manhattan-bound F trains are running via the E-line from Roosevelt Av to Rockefeller Center. Downtown 1 trains run express south of 34 St while Brooklyn-bound A and C trains skip 50 St, 23 St and Spring St. Finally, Manhattan-bound F trains run express between Parsons Blvd and 71 Av.

Click on the link for the map. Enjoy this first official weekend of Summer.


Weekend of June 14th

Good afternoon folks. Here are the high (low) -lights of this weekend’s service disruptions. The 4-line is suspended north of 149 St as well as the 5 north of E 180 St. E and F trains are running local along Queens Blvd once again. We also have Queens-bound F trains running via the E-line from Rockefeller Center to Queens Plaza. And to wrap this up, there are also a couple of part-time service alerts in place this weekend. Bronx-bound 4 and 5 trains are bypassing Fulton St on Saturday. Also, L-train service is split at Broadway Junction for most of the day as well. Finally, there will be no N trains running between 57 St-7 Av and Queenboro Plaza during the morning hours this weekend. Check out the map for the details. Enjoy the weekend.


Weekend of June 7th

Good afternoon folks. First off, sincerest apologies for the lack of update last week. My computer decided to suffer a complete failure in one of its drivers and I had to spend the weekend re-installing all my software back on it.

However, since you probably don’t care about my problems, let’s get to the service disruptions. With the Puerto Rican Day Parade and 116th Street Festival taking place this weekend, most construction work ends either Saturday night or early Sunday morning. The 7 is once again truncated to Queensboro Plaza. Some westbound trains are running only to 74 St-Broadway. G-train service is cut back from Church Av to Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts. That is in part due to work that has Manhattan-bound F trains running express from Avenue X all the way through Jay St. Rounding this out, Brooklyn-bound 1 and 2 trains are express only between 34 St-Penn Station and Chambers St & Coney Island-bound Q trains skip all local stations from Prospect Park and Kings Hwy.

The (new) map has all of the details. Enjoy the weekend everyone.


P.S. Expanded weekend M-line service to Essex/Delancey Sts begins Sunday, not Saturday. M trains will only run between Metropolitan Av and Myrtle Av-Broadway for the entire day tomorrow. I don’t want anyone waiting for a train that’s not running yet.

Weekend of May 24th

Good evening folks and Happy Memorial Day. It’s the unofficial start of the summer season and the MTA is using the extended weekend for more maintenance work time. As it has been all month, work on the 2, 3, 4, J and M lines continues. E and F trains are once again running local in Queens. Queens-bound F trains are running via the E-line from Rockefeller Center through 36 St. Finally, uptown A and D trains run local along Central Park West.

A reminder, some service changes run through Tuesday instead of Monday, so check the advisory boxes on the map linked below for times. Enjoy the long weekend everyone.


Weekend of May 17th

Good afternoon folks. Here are the highlights of this weekend’s service disruptions. Work on the 2, 3, 4, J and M lines continues from last week. Queens-bound F trains run via the E-line from Rockefeller Center to Roosevelt Av. Speaking of the F, both the E and F trains run local in both directions along Queens Blvd. Finally, Queens-bound F and G trains are running express from Church Av to Smith-9 Sts and Coney Island-bound Q trains are making only express stops between Prospect Park and Brighton Beach. The map has the details; enjoy the weekend.


P.S. Next week marks the start of FASTRACK on the 8th Avenue line north of Columbus Circle. During the late evening and overnight hours, northbound A train service will be truncated to 59 St while D train service will be suspended between Yankee Stadium and Columbus Circle.