The Return of the Weekender, 8/4-8/6

As you may or may not know, Shawn, the original creator of the Subway Weekender, has decided to call it quits late last month. Despite his assertions that there are many ways that are now used to show the various service disruptions that plague the NYC Subway system because of weekend construction, there aren’t many places online that visually show said service changes. The MTA’s Weekender doesn’t really count in my opinion as that relies way too heavily on its blinking dots on the Vignelli map. Those blinking dots can mean anything from a partial line shutdown to trains running local or express on a section of the line to anything else you can think of. The iTrans NYC app for Apple’s i-products comes close with how it shows which lines are stopping at a station when you click on it. However, it still isn’t something you can quickly glance at and say “this line is running here” or “this line is being replaced by shuttle buses for the weekend” without checking the service advisories.

Anyhow, following Shawn’s departure from illustrating the weekend service reroutes, I’ve decided to pick up where he left off. The weekender will be on this site from now on, hopefully with each weekend’s map posted Friday afternoon. Let’s start off with this weekend’s map.

Weekend of August 4, 2012


8 thoughts on “The Return of the Weekender, 8/4-8/6

  1. Thanks for doing this. I really missed the Subway Weekender. Yours is very well done; you’ve even pulled off modifying the original map. Well done!

  2. Thank you so much for picking up where Shawn left off. I completely agree that while the MTA’s efforts are to be appreciated, they’re just not there yet. I’m definitely bookmarking your site.

  3. There Might Be An Error…
    … At Canal St Express Station…
    … It Says “J N Q R 5 6”. You Should Fix This Error And Change It To “J N Q R 6”.

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