Weekend of Nov 24

Hey, I actually got this up on Friday this time. Points for me. In subway-related news, the MTA deserves some points as well for their speedy restoration of service after Hurricane Sandy. While most of the post-Sandy service changes remain in effect, partial subway service has been restored to the Rockaways peninsula via a shuttle running from Far Rockaway to Beach 90 St. Service should be extended to Rockaway Park when the signals are fixed along the line and the Rockaway Park station is operational.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the work affecting the subway this weekend. To be quite honest, it’s not much. The only service change that isn’t somehow related to Sandy is on the Concourse Line in the Bronx. Coney Island-bound D trains run express between 170 St in the Bronx and 145 St in Harlem. The map showing this, as well as the Sandy-related reroutes, is below. By the way, I didn’t include the Q running local in Manhattan as I really can’t confirm if they’re running local or not. If anyone can confirm that, it will be greatly appreciated.

Map for the Weekend

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