Weekend of Feb 2

Once again, apologies for the delays in posting. For this weekend, we have more of the same, along with some new additions. The 5 is still stuck in the Bronx, the 7 in Queens. The 4 is running local in Manhattan north of Grand Central. Also, Coney Island-bound F trains are running express between Jay St and Church Av (the G is truncated to Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts). Brooklyn-bound A and C trains are running via the F line between West 4 St and Jay St and the J trains are being replaced by buses from Crescent St through Jamaica-Van Wyck on the E line. That’s just some of the major changes; the map below has all of them. Enjoy the weekend.



2 thoughts on “Weekend of Feb 2

  1. Yeah, they’re intentional. For this interim map, I wanted the lines to be thicker. In the (hopefully near) future, I intend to use a different map not derived from the MTA map that may have thinner lines. We’ll see. Thanks for the feedback BTW.

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