Weekend of March 23rd

Since I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment, let’s run through this shall we? First off, this is the last weekend of the continuous 7 line shutdowns between Queensboro Plaza and Times Sq. That doesn’t mean the line won’t be truncated periodically in the future. Also this weekend, in preparation of the old South Ferry station reopening next month, the 1 is truncated to 14 St with the 2 and 3 running local south of 34 St-Penn Station. The 2 is once again split between the Bronx and Manhattan, which means the 5 is also split. Rounding out the subway short-turns, the J is terminating at Crescent St this weekend as well.

There are also several reroutes and express runs on various lines in Manhattan and the R in Queens. The map has all the details. Also, reminding everyone, next week is the Lexington Avenue FASTRACK, which shuts down all local stations between 125 St and Grand Central. Plan accordingly.


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