Weekend of May 4th

Good evening folks. Yes it’s still evening here, so it’s still Friday. And that means another weekend of construction-related service changes. The biggest ones this weekend involve the 1 and 5 lines. The 1 is truncated to 168 St, while the latter is not running at all. The 2 is running from Flatbush to Dyre Av with a shuttle running between Wakefield and East 180 St.

Eighth Avenue service is also messed up this weekend. Downtown A and C trains are running via the Rutgers (F) tubes between W 4 St and Jay St; downtown E trains are running express in Manhattan. It’s also slow going if you’re traveling on the Broadway line as everything is running via Lower Manhattan. Though if you’re heading up along Astoria, you’ll have to double back as downtown N trains are running express in Queens.

The map has all of the service changes in effect this weekend. Map

P.S. Starting this Monday, FASTRACK hits the 4th Avenue line in Brooklyn. There will be no service between 36 St/4 Av and Bay Ridge-95 St. N trains to/from Manhattan run via the West End (D) line in both directions. Shuttle train service runs from 8 Av to Coney Island to provide service along Sea Beach. R trains also run via the D during the evening hours, but terminate at 9 Av. Shuttle buses run along 4th Avenue only. Just keep that in mind. Enjoy the weekend.


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