Weekend of May 11th

Good evening folks. Let’s get the usual suspects out of the way first. The G is still truncated to Hoyt-Schermerhorn. The 5 isn’t running at all. The 4 is running local in most of Manhattan. With that out of the way, let’s get down to what’s new. First off, one of the biggest service changes is on the A line in Queens. And I’m not talking about the Rockaways section. For most of Saturday into Sunday morning, service on the A line is split with a shuttle running from Rockaway Blvd to Howard Beach. On Sunday, there will be no train service from Euclid Av onwards. Shutle buses will make all stops from Euclid Av to Lefferts Blvd then continue to Howard Beach, stopping at the Racetrack and North Conduit Av. There will be an express bus running non-stop from Euclid Av to JFK Airport, but it will likely be slow going either way.

The other service changes include the following: Manhattan-bound E trains are running via the F line after 36 St in Queens to 2 Av. Queens-bound trains are running normally, but are starting from 2 Av. Downtown N trains run express in Queens, uptown R trains run via the bridge. Downtown 1 trains run express south of 34 St-Penn Station. All of the service changes are illustrated in map form below. Enjoy the weekend, even though it’s supposed to be a wet one for the most part.



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