Weekend of May 18th

Hello folks and once again, happy Friday. I’d say it’s been a pretty good week. Hopefully it’s been good for you as well. Since it is Friday, you know what that means: weekend service disruptions. First off, FASTRACK hits the Coney Island approaches on the D and N lines. Since it’s FASTRACK and not a general shutdown, you’ll need to hop on local buses and nearby subway lines to get from either Bay Pkwy on the D or 86 St on the N if you’re headed to Coney Island.

Besides that, we have the usual slew of service changes. In order of most important:

  • both the M and H-Rockaways shuttles are completely suspended (buses replace both lines)
  • E and F are running into Manhattan via 63rd Street; back to Queens via 53rd Street
  • downtown E trains are also running down 6th Avenue to 2 Av (Queens-bound trains start at 2 Av)

There are also express runs on the 1 in Manhattan, the C in both Manhattan and Brooklyn and the F & G along the Viaduct Also watch out for longer wait times on the G north of Bedford-Nostrand Avs. As always, the map has all the details. Enjoy the weekend. Also before I forget, if you aren’t already aware, full A-line service will resume at the end of the month according to the MTA.




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