June 15th Weekend

Good evening folks. I apologize for the lack of an update last weekend, but I wasn’t near a computer for most of the weekend. Moving on from that, let’s get to this weekend’s service disruptions. But before that, there is a bit of bad news coming in the short term. For those unaware, the Montague Street (R-line) tubes will shut down for at least a year starting this August. The Greenpoint tube that connects the G-line between Queens and Brooklyn will also close down, but only on weekends, starting next month. This is all due to the affects of Hurricane Sandy.

Getting back to this weekend’s service, the biggest disruptions, ranking from worst, are on the 1-line (no service south of 14 St), the M-line (service is replaced by shuttles), the R-line (all service via the Manhattan Bridge), the E-line (Manhattan-bound trains run via 63rd Street/6th Avenue) and the A & C-lines (northbound trains via Rutgers).  There are also local runs on the uptown A & D-lines north of 59 St-Columbus Circle and the 4 & 5-lines in both directions north of Grand Central. Uptown E and F trains run express in Manhattan and uptown Q trains skip Neck Rd and Avenue U. Though, in a bit of good news, after weeks of no 5 train service, 5 trains are running to Bowling Green all weekend, including late nights. They are running local through the entirety of the line, so, give and take I suppose. The map as always has the details and anything I may have missed. Enjoy the weekend. At least it’s going to be dry.


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