Weekend of July 13th

Good evening. Finally after all the heat, we’ve got a relatively comfortable day this week. Too bad it won’t last very long. Since you probably don’t want to wait on hot platforms for trains that aren’t coming, you might want to pay attention to this post. Especially since this week has a lot of service disruptions. First off, the G-line is still knocked out north of Nassau Av for Sandy-related repairs. Along with that, we have a massive shutdown on the 1-line. There will be no service north of 137 St with service replaced by three separate shuttle buses. The Lexington Avenue line is also out of commission south of the Brooklyn Bridge. (3 train service is extended to New Lots Av during the overnight hours.) The R-trains are rerouted via 53rd Street/6th Ave Local/Manhattan Bridge in both directions between Queens Plaza and DeKalb Av. N and Q-trains are running via the Montague tubes as a replacement. Basically, the normal tracks that hold the N and Q-lines will be closed for the next two weekends for prep work so that Montague can be closed off for the much-needed rehabilitation work. The M-line is also knocked out of commission as well, but since it’s being replaced by the J, it isn’t that big of a deal. However, if you’re headed toward Jamaica from Williamsburg or vice-versa, you might want to hop on the L so you don’t have to deal with the shuttle buses running along Broadway between Myrtle Av and Broadway Junction. The map has it all drawn out for you. I’d say enjoy, but if you have to deal with this, you probably won’t.

Weekend’s Map

P.S. I’m trying out a new map for this and feedback on it would be appreciated.

New Weekender Map (normal service)

SATURDAY EDIT: shuttle buses replace trains north of Old Town on the Staten Island Railway, fixed a graphical error on the Concourse line

Corrected Map

5 thoughts on “Weekend of July 13th

  1. I prefer the original/traditional version. Plus, I prefer things to be geographically accurate, as much as possible.

  2. I prefer the old version. The new one is a cleaner diagram, but the old one is easier to look at and quickly understand service changes in relation to the official map.

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