Weekend of July 20th

Good evening folks. Or not depending whether you like this extreme heat or not. First off, thanks to all of you who left comments on the new map. Based on your feedback, I have decided to keep the old map for now, but I will have to make it a bit larger so it doesn’t look so cramped. It’s quite evident on some of the maps where there are so many lines running on the same tracks or service advisory text in the same spot on the map that it looks very cluttered in my opinion. The changes will be coming in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, let’s get to this weekend’s mess. Continuing from last week, we have the R train that desperately wants to be an M train, running down 53rd Street and 6th Avenue before continuing over the Manhattan Bridge through DeKalb Av. N and Q trains are running local and through the tunnel as a replacement. The J-line is also split up again with the section from Manhattan running to Metropolitan Av. (M service is suspended throughout the duration of this service change on the J.) Finally, the G is still out north of Nassau Av.

Now for the “new” ones. We have a variation on a usual disruption on the 1-line. Per usual, there’s no service to South Ferry, but instead of running express between 34 St and 14 St, 1 service is truncated to 34 St entirely. 2 and 3 trains pick up the slack between Times Square and Chambers St as always. Also, northbound 2 train service is cut back to Nereid Av. The Bx39 bus (fare-free) is the alternative for service to 241 St. There’s also the slew of one-directional service changes on various lines this weekend.

As always, the map has the details. Enjoy the weekend and look at the bright side. Once we make it through tomorrow, it’s supposed to get cooler. Hopefully.


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