Weekend of July 27th

Good afternoon folks and happy Friday. While the media is hyping up this weekend’s service disruptions as the worst we’ve seen in some time, in actuality, it’s pretty much the same as usual. In fact, it’s a calmer one than we’ve seen in a while. For one, the R is back on Broadway. It isn’t running through lower Manhattan again, but that’s to be expected given the work about to start next month. Speaking of which, this is the last weekend of preliminary work in the Montague tunnels. Beginning next weekend, the full closures will take effect.

Moving past that, we have our usual slew of weekend work. The 2 is once again truncated to Nereid Av. Also, the M is being yet again replaced by the western section of the split J. Brooklyn-bound A and C trains are running via the Rutgers (F) tubes. Other than that, there are the local runs on the 4 and 5 trains between Grand Central and the Brooklyn Bridge. We’ve got express runs on various lines throughout the city. The map has all the details. Enjoy the weekend.



One thought on “Weekend of July 27th

  1. 5 runs every 20 minutes
    No SIR service north of Old Town
    L runs in 2 sections 6a-6p Sa+Su at Broadway Junction; the Canarsie end runs every 24min

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