Weekend of August 3rd

Good evening everyone. You may have noticed the slight redesign of the site. I felt it was time for a change. It may change again, so look out for that. With that said, let’s jump right into this, shall we? First off, as I’ve mentioned several times over, this weekend begins the 14-month closure of the Montague Street (R-line) tubes in both directions. Concerning the weekends (as well as all late nights), all Broadway line service will run over the Manhattan Bridge, meaning there will be no service from City Hall to Jay St-MetroTech (R-line platforms). Customers are advised to use nearby subway lines for alternative service.

Since we’re past that, we have the somewhat usual round of service disruptions. The other “Fix & Fortify” disruption is back in play. The G is cut back to Nassau Av again. Another returning service change is the split 2-line with no service between 3 Av in the Bronx and 135 St in Harlem. The 5 is also split because of this with no service between E 180 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse. Continuing from last week, the J-line split is back. M service is suspended with the J picking up the slack on Myrtle Avenue. Rounding out this weekend’s service changes are express runs on the C along 8th Avenue and the Q & R in Brooklyn as well as the Queens-bound F running both via the Cranberry Street (A,C) tubes and the 53rd Street (E) line.

Click here for the map. Enjoy the weekend and follow me on Twitter. I’ll try to update any changes there first.

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