Weekend of August 10th

Good afternoon everyone. I’ll make this brief since I’m a bit short on time. Due to the Dominican Day Parade on the 11th, most of this weekend’s service disruptions end by 5 AM Sunday instead of Monday. Highlighting this weekend’s service changes are the split of the 6-line in Harlem and the continuation of the G-line suspension north of Nassau Av. There are express runs on the 1, C and F in Manhattan, the 7 in Queens, the 6 in the Bronx and the Q and R in Brooklyn. Also, the 4 and 5 trains run local in Manhattan – in both directions south of Grand Central and in the northbound direction north of Grand Central.

As I said in the opening, most of these disruptions aren’t in effect on Sunday. Only the ones on the F and Q, as well as the local runs on the 4 & 5 between 42 St and the Brooklyn Bridge will remain in place on Sunday. To make this easier to understand, I made a map for each day. They’re both posted below. Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday (12:01 Sat to 5AM Sun)


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