Weekend of August 17th

Eh, better late than never. For those interested, I was away from my computer all day yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to post the new map for the weekend. But enough about me, let’s do this thing, hmm?

First off, as you should know by now, Central Av on the M-line has reopened as of yesterday afternoon, but that’s about it for the good news. The G still isn’t running north of Nassau Av. J train service is still split with the western half replacing the M. New this weekend are the 1-line shutdown between 137 St-City College and Van Cortlandt Park and the express runs on the Queens-bound E, F and R trains along the Queens Blvd line. Queens-bound E trains also run via the M-line from 2 Av (all trains begin/end service at 2 Av) through 5 Av-53 St; Brooklyn-bound F trains are running via the E line between Roosevelt Av and Rockefeller Ctr. There are also the express runs on the uptown C between Canal St and Columbus Circle, the Queens-bound 7 between Queensboro Plaza and 74 St and the Brooklyn-bound R trains between Canal St and 36 St/4 Av. As always, the map has it all illustrated for easy comprehension. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


P.S. I’m aware of the split 6 situation. It’s not on the map because the work was technically cancelled. It popped up as a track maintenance service change on the website, so just keep in mind that you’ll need to transfer between trains at 125 St for continuing service on the 6-line.

SUNDAY EDIT: I’ve decided to update the map to include the split 6 and the related service changes on the 4 and 5.

Revised Map

2 thoughts on “Weekend of August 17th

  1. Apparently all the Lex work that was scheduled is still going on. SubwayTime shows the southbound 6’s running express from Hunts Point to 3 Av and the uptown 4/5 local from 42 to 125.

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