Weekend of August 24th

Good evening everyone. I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable week. You’re probably not going to have a good weekend if you need to take certain subway lines this weekend. First off, G-line work continues north of Nassau Av, so you’ll have to use the shuttle buses if you’re heading toward Court Sq. The 6-line is also split up again. This time it’s confirmed so no confusion as to whether trains are running normally this weekend. Speaking of running normally, the J trains are finally running between Jamaica Center and Chambers St, Manhattan. Of course, the catch is that Queens-bound trains run express between Myrtle Av and Broadway Junction.

Highlighting the rest of the weekend’s big disruptions are the complete loss of the M-line (replaced by shuttle buses, not J trains this time), the loss of the E trains between W 4 St and the World Trade Center and the E/F switcheroo. Queens-bound E trains run via the M-line between W 4 St and 5 Av-53 St while Queens-bound F trains run via the E-line between Rockefeller Ctr and Roosevelt Av. There’s also the truncation of the L-line from 8 Av to 14 St-Union Sq. Customers are being advised to use the M14 buses along 14th Street for alternate service.

Rounding out the rest of the service changes are the following express runs:

  • downtown 1: 14 St to Chambers St
  • Manhattan-bound 6: Hunts Point Av to 3 Av-138 St
  • uptown A/C: skips Fulton St, Spring St, 23 St and 50 St
  • Manhattan-bound N: Astoria Blvd to Queensboro Plaza
  • 95 St-bound R: Canal St to 36 St/4 Av.

Also, Bronx-bound 4 and 5 trains run local from Grand Central to 125 St.

As always, everything’s illustrated in map form below. Enjoy the weekend. They say it’s going to be a pretty nice one.


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