Weekend of September 7th

Good evening everyone. It’s Friday and we all know what that means – weekend subway work. It’s going to be a fairly busy one so you’re going to want to pay attention this time. Not that you shouldn’t any other time. The big disruption of the weekend is on the 1-line. There will be no train service north of 137 St with shuttle buses and the A trains being the main alternatives. We’ve also got shuttle buses replacing a section of the L-line between Lorimer St and Myrtle Av. This weekend also marks the return of the G-line shutdown between Nassau Av and Court Sq. I’m sure we’re all familiar with that one, right?

Wrapping up the rest of the reroutes, 179 St-bound F trains are running via 53rd Street while Coney Island-bound F’s are running via the C-line through the Cranberry Tubes. Also, Coney Island-bound N trains are running via the D-line along the West End. You’ve also got your pesky express runs, though they’re limited to the 5 on Dyre Avenue in the Bronx, the C along lower 8th Avenue and the Q in Brooklyn.

As always, the map has all the details. Enjoy.



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