Weekend of October 12th

Hello everyone. I hope all of you had an enjoyable week, despite the cooler temperatures and somewhat rainy weather. While the rain is supposed to finally leave the area tomorrow, that doesn’t mean it will be nothing but blue skies concerning this weekend’s service disruptions. Starting this weekend, we have the return of the 7-line shutdown between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square. This will last through mid-November, so plan ahead for that. We also have the first of a two-weekend multi-weekend shutdown of the Jerome Avenue (4-line) tracks between Yankee Stadium and Woodlawn. Customers will have to use crosstown buses and the D-trains for alternate service as there will be no shuttle buses unless you’re at Woodlawn, Mosholu Pkwy or Bedford Park Blvd. The A-line is also cut back to Howard Beach with the Rockaway Park shuttle picking up the slack on the Far Rockaway stations.

With those major changes out of the way, we’ve got the Queens-bound F trains running via the E-line between Rockefeller Center and Jackson Heights. Speaking of the F, both the E and F trains are running local along the entire stretch of the Queens Blvd line, so delays should be expected. Rounding out the weekend mess, Brooklyn-bound A and D trains run local along Central Park West, while Brooklyn-bound 6 and C trains run express between midtown and lower Manhattan along their respective lines. Coney Island-bound N trains run via the D-line in Brooklyn and Queens-bound F and G trains run express along the Culver Viaduct.

The map has everything neatly (well, as neat as it can get) illustrated for clarity. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Weekend of October 12th

  1. 2 weekends of 4 outages? Try a month (skipping one weekend). Same for the A in the Rockaways, just in time for the one year anniversary of Sandy.

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