Weekend of October 19th

Good evening everyone. Once again, it’s Friday, so you all know what that means. We’ve got weekend construction work. First off, work continues on both the Jerome Avenue and Flushing lines. There’s no service between 161 St and Woodlawn & Queensboro Plaza and Times Square respectively, The G is cut back again, this time on the southern end. Work on the Culver line has the southbound G trains turning at Hoyt-Schermerhorn and Manhattan-bound F trains running express between Church Av and Jay St. Finishing up on the major service changes, the M is completely suspended and replaced by shuttle buses.

Moving on from that, we have the usual slew of minor disruptions, like the ongoing work on Central Park West, forcing Brooklyn-bound A and D trains over to the local tracks. Uptown and Queens-bound C and E trains are bypassing Spring and 23 Sts (uptown C’s also skip 50 St), 4 & 5 trains run local in both directions south of Grand Central and because of the aforementioned 7-line shutdown, the Q is extended to Astoria.

That’s pretty much it for this weekend. Not a terrible one by any stretch, but still not easy. Check out the map for the details. Enjoy the weekend.



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