Weekend of Jan 18th (10 Lines, SIRR Affected)

Good evening. Before I start with this weekend’s service disruptions, I must inform you that the MTA has dropped the hammer on 7-line riders. Starting at the end of next month, service from Flushing will be truncated to Queensboro Plaza, for what could amount to over 20 weekends throughout this year, as well as 74 St-Broadway for several weekends as well. This is primarily due to CBTC installation on the Flushing line, but also to ensure the safety and stability of the underwater Steinway tunnels following Hurricane Sandy and general upkeep of the tracks and equipment along the line. I mention all of this so you’ll keep it in the back of your minds and plan for this.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the “normal” mess we always deal with. First off, riders on the Q-line will not like that the Q isn’t running north of Parkside Av this weekend. Of course, that means it’ll be slow going on the Broadway line with local-only service. Speaking of truncated service, the J line is also being shortened this weekend. Manhattan-bound trains will only run to Essex St instead of Chambers St. We’ve also got Brooklyn-bound A and C trains running via the Rutgers tubes while Queens-bound F trains run through 53rd Street. Finally, Manhattan-bound N trains run via the West End (D) line. There are also a few express runs scattered about; nothing major on that front. As always, it’s all mapped out for you. Enjoy the weekend folks.


P.S. A reminder folks, FASTRACK hits Queens Blvd once again next week, which shuts down the line between Roosevelt Av and either 21 St-Queensbridge or 50 St.

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