Weekend of Mar 29th (14 Lines, 2 Shuttles, SIRR Affected)

Good afternoon everyone. I hope all of you had a good week, because you likely won’t have a good weekend. Along with the deluge of rain expected to hit the area over the next couple of days, we have a slew of service changes in effect. A chunk of them affect the numbered lines especially. This weekend marks the last consecutive weekend shutdown of the 7-line between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square. This will not be the last time the line will be closed off this year, not by a long shot. We’ve also got the shutdown of the Lenox Avenue line (2,3), with 3 train service completely suspended and the 2 truncated to 96 St northbound. The 5 will pick up the slack in the Bronx while the 4 does so in Brooklyn, but it will be slow-going throughout.

Other service changes include the shutdown of the Rockaway Park shuttle, those pesky local runs on Queens Blvd, as well as on 8th Avenue and a couple express runs on the uptown Lex and Queens-bound J. The map has all of the details. Enjoy the weekend and try to stay dry.


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