Weekend of May 3rd (8 Lines, SIRR Affected)

Good afternoon. At the time of this post, Queens Blvd is still disrupted by the earlier derailment on the line. E and F trains are running local while M and R service has been rerouted off the line entirely. Removing the derailed train will require the line be shut down completely this evening starting at 10pm. Weekend service along Queens Blvd should hopefully be back to normal by tomorrow morning.

With that out of the way, let’s get on to the other service changes. This weekend marks the beginning of a month-long shutdown of the Brooklyn IRT east of Franklin Av. 2 trains are terminating at Franklin Av and 4 trains aren’t running past Atlantic Av. The 3 is suspended entirely. Shuttle buses replace train service along all affected sections. Once again, Q trains are running express along the Brighton line towards Coney Island, while downtown 1 trains skip stops between 145 St and 96 St. Finally, alternating Bronx-bound 6 trains are terminating at 3 Av-138 St.

Check out the map for the details. Enjoy the weekend.



While it’s a bit late, I’m sure someone will find this useful. E and F local service has once again been restored to the Queens Blvd line. However, service will be suspended this evening between Roosevelt Av and either 21 St or Queens Plaza, as it was last night. Northbound R-line service will continue to avoid the Queens Blvd line and terminate at Midtown-57 St until Monday morning. An updated map is now available.

New Map

2 thoughts on “Weekend of May 3rd (8 Lines, SIRR Affected)

  1. Why isn’t this information posted on the regular weekender website in it’s easier to follow format? There are also no signs up at the Roosevelt Ave/74 st. stop indicated no manhattan bound service except for the 7. This seems like a major oversight.

    • I’m not sure. I guess they figured the derailed train would’ve been removed by now, so they didn’t post it under planned service changes.

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