Weekend of June 14th

Good afternoon folks. Here are the high (low) -lights of this weekend’s service disruptions. The 4-line is suspended north of 149 St as well as the 5 north of E 180 St. E and F trains are running local along Queens Blvd once again. We also have Queens-bound F trains running via the E-line from Rockefeller Center to Queens Plaza. And to wrap this up, there are also a couple of part-time service alerts in place this weekend. Bronx-bound 4 and 5 trains are bypassing Fulton St on Saturday. Also, L-train service is split at Broadway Junction for most of the day as well. Finally, there will be no N trains running between 57 St-7 Av and Queenboro Plaza during the morning hours this weekend. Check out the map for the details. Enjoy the weekend.



6 thoughts on “Weekend of June 14th

    • It’s supposed to start sometime at the end of the year, so when I created this new map, I included it (along with the Second Avenue Subway). They should be hidden in Adobe Reader though.

  1. I like the new design, but the lack of bypass lines for one-way express runs really makes them hard to find.

    • That’s simply the base I used to create the new map you see. Can’t keep nothing a secret around here I see. P.S. the map in question is the original ’79 map, just in case you’re interested.

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