Weekend of July 19th

Good afternoon everyone. Here are the high-(low-)lights of this weekend’s service disruptions. It’s about the same amount of service changes, but they’re scattered in different locations than previous weekends. The 5 is still suspended south of E 180 St. On the bright side, there is 2 train service, albeit split up at 149 St-Grand Concourse. We’ve also got the return of the Flushing line suspension west of Queensboro Plaza. Finally, the A and C line disruptions north of 145 St are still in place. This is the last weekend for this particular service change, at least for the month that is. Other service disruptions include the Brooklyn-bound F trains running via 53rd Street and the Cranberry Street tunnels and Queens-bound A trains bypassing 111 St. Details are available on the map linked below Enjoy the weekend.

Corrected Map

SATURDAY UPDATE: In a bit of good news, the split service operation on the 2-line is ending early. Like tonight early, so you won’t have to transfer between trains for 7th Avenue-Bronx service. 5 train service is still suspended south of the Dyre Avenue line however, so keep that in mind. I’ve updated the map for this small change. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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