Labor Day Weekend 2014

Good afternoon everyone. Since it is a holiday weekend, construction-related reroutes are kept to a minimum. However, there are still disruptions and suspensions in place though. 5-train service is suspended between E 180 St and Dyre Av. There is a reduction in 6-train service north of 3 Av because of work between Hunts Point Av and Parkchester. The last major disruption is on the E-line, which is running split service in Queens. Direct service between Queens and Manhattan will run to/from 179 St while shuttle train service runs between Jamaica Center and Kew Gardens.

Other service changes include the usual F via 53rd Street (Manhattan-bound this time), 2 and 3 trains running local between 96 St and Times Square, and local-only service in the downtown direction for the A and D lines north of Columbus Circle. In a bit of good news, this weekend marks the end of the Greenpoint tubes closure. Starting Tuesday morning, G-train service will once again run the full route between Court Sq and Church Av.

The map has the details. Since some of these disruptions last through Tuesday, check the time-stamps. If there is no specified time, assume the service change is in place between Saturday and Monday only.


Enjoy the extended weekend folks.


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