Weekend of Sept. 13th

Good afternoon everyone. We’re going to jump right into this weekend’s service changes. First off, let’s start with some potential good news. The rumor mill is abuzz with reports that the Montague tunnels that carry the R between Manhattan and Brooklyn is slated to reopen as early as this weekend. Despite being reported in several papers, the MTA has not officially confirmed this, so until then, I will continue to show the tunnel as closed.

With that out of the way, we’ll get to the service changes proper and for this weekend, there are a few big ones. There’s no 1 train service running north of 96 St. The D is suspended between Herald Square and the Barclays Center. There’s also no service on the Brighton line south of Prospect Park. That ongoing Dyre Avenue suspension on the 5-line.

There are also some express runs in place as well. Manhattan and Queens-bound F and G trains are bypassing local stops between Avenue X and Smith-9 Sts. Jamaica and Forest Hills-bound trains run express between Queens Plaza and Parsons Blvd.

The map has all the details on these and all of this weekend’s service changes. Click on the link for it. Enjoy the weekend.



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