Weekend of Sept. 19th

Good afternoon everyone. It’s another busy weekend on the rails, so let’s get right into it. The biggest service change is on the 7-line, where there will be no service between 74 St-Broadway and Times Sq. Increased service on the E-line will provide alternate service during the outage. There’s still no service on the 5-line north of E 180 St. We really should be used to this by now. Continuing work on the Pelham line will result in a reduction in service north of 3 Av-138 St.

There’s also several express runs throughout the subway. The main ones are on the Queens-bound tracks on the Culver and Viaduct lines, as well as on Central Park West in the downtown direction.

The map as always, has all of the details. Click on the link for it. Enjoy the weekend.

New Map

SATURDAY EDIT: The express run on Central Park West between 125 St and 59 St has been cancelled this weekend. The map has been updated to reflect this change.


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