Weekend of Sept. 27th

Good afternoon everyone. Jumping right into this weekend’s service disruptions, we have two major suspensions in place. First, there will be no service on the 1-line north of 96 Street. Shuttle buses, along with the nearby A and C trains and local buses running on St. Nicholas Ave will provide alternate service. Secondly, this is another weekend where the north tracks of the Manhattan Bridge are closed for traffic, which means there will be no D trains running between Herald Square and the Barclays Center. Alternate service will be provided via Broadway and the usual Grand St shuttle.

With those out of the way, there are also a few diversions in place as well. Queens-bound E trains are running via 6th Avenue and 63rd Street while Manhattan-bound F trains run over the E-line along 53rd Street. It will also be another slow going weekend if you’re using Queens Blvd with Jamaica-bound trains running local. Then there are the Manhattan-bond R trains, which are running express from Roosevelt Av to Queens Plaza. Speaking of local runs, be mindful of local-only service on Lexington Ave between 125 Street and Grand Central. Finally, that limited Pelham line service thing remains in effect for yet another weekend. But in a bit of good news, the 5 will be running its full route, albeit with limited overall service. Don’t get used to it though.

Check out the map for all the details. And as always, enjoy the weekend.

Corrected Map

SATURDAY EDIT: The suspension on the 1-line has been cancelled for this weekend. I will not be able to update the map until later today, so please keep this in mind.

Saturday Evening Edit: I’ve gotten the chance to update the map. These recurring last minute cancellations aren’t annoying at all. </sarcasm>


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