Weekend of Oct. 11th

Good afternoon. I’m well aware I’m a bit late in posting this, but I have a reason. My external hard drive, which is where I stored my weekly maps, among many other things, crapped out yesterday. That means I didn’t have a map ready for this week’s service changes. In fact, I still don’t have one for this weekend, so I’ll describe as best I can this weekend’s disruptions.

There are a few service outages. First, per usual, the 5 isn’t running north of East 180 Street, but that’s nothing new. The recurring closure of the Broadway IRT is back, but instead of there being no service north of 96 St on the 1-line, uptown service terminates at City College. Buses run in the usual three sections (242 St to 207 St A-line, 191 St to 168 St and 168 St to 137 St). Another major shutdown is on the A-line on the Lefferts branch. This weekend marks the start of station renovations at 88 St and 104 St, Brooklyn-bound, so shuttle buses will replace direct train service between 80 St and Lefferts Blvd. The final service outage is on the J and M lines. M service is back to running only along Myrtle Av while J train service is split with no service between Essex St and Hewes St.

There are also a few diversions in place as well. The main one affects the E-line. E trains are running on the F-line between Roosevelt Av and W 4 Street in both directions. Speaking of the E, both it and the F trains are running local along Queens Blvd. Be mindful of the express runs on the 6, 7, C and D lines, along with the 2 & 3 in Brooklyn.

Here’s where I’d tell you to check out the map for the details, but alas, that’s not an option this week. I should have one available for next weekend’s service changes. I just have to strip down a map I posted here and start from there and I wish I had time to do that now so I wouldn’t have to post all of this word vomit. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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