Weekend of Oct. 18th

Good evening folks. Well, we’re back and just in time it seems. This weekend marks the beginning of a consecutive five weekend shutdown of the 7-line west of Queensboro Plaza. The Q will be extended to Ditmars Blvd to help out. There are a few other suspensions in place as well. There’s no 5 trains running between E 180 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse. G trains are not running south of Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts, while service will be split at Bedford-Nostrand Avs.

There are also several reroutes throughout the subway as well. The D and N will be flipped in Brooklyn. Coney Island-bound trains run via Sea Beach while Manhattan-bound ones run over the West End line. All service is also local in Brooklyn. Manhattan-bound F trains are running via the E-line between Roosevelt Av and Rockefeller Center.

The usual slew of express and local runs are scattered about. The map has the details on that. Finally, in a bit of good news, M train service is extended to Chambers St during the days and evening hours.


Enjoy the weekend everyone.


3 thoughts on “Weekend of Oct. 18th

    • I thought about it, but since the M is colored orange on the official map, I decided to keep the line the same color, even though it’s running to Chambers St.

  1. There are also changes to the Manhattan-bound F in Brooklyn. In combination with the G changes, this means only Coney Island-bound service at affected stations.

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