Weekend of Nov. 15th

So, that cold front finally made its way to New York. And it’s not getting any better this weekend, so unless you like waiting on freezing platforms for trains that aren’t running, you might want to take a look at this weekend’s map. The biggest service changes in effect this weekend take place on the numbered lines. First off, there is no direct 7th Avenue-Brooklyn service, which means the 4 and 5 are picking up the slack in Brooklyn. It also means the 2 is being truncated to E 180 St while the 5 is extended to Wakefield. We’ve also got shutdowns on the Dyre Ave (anyone surprised?) and west end of the Flushing (see previous) lines. Finally, there is a daytime-only shutdown of service across the Williamsburg Bridge, so buses are replacing trains between Hewes and Essex Sts.

Wrapping up the service changes, Coney Island-bound D trains are running on the N-line south of 36 St in Brooklyn. Queens-bound F trains are once again running via 53rd Street. There are several express runs scattered about, specifically on the 6 and D in the Bronx, as well as the C in Manhattan to name a few. Check out the map for the details and do try to stay warm out there.


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