Weekend of Jan. 3rd

Happy New Year everyone. With the holidays over, we now return to the usual mess that is weekend disruptions. And this weekend is a doozy. For starters, there is no 6 trains running south of 125 St. 5 trains, running local in Manhattan, will operate all weekend as a replacement. Another major service change affects the Broadway lines. The 60th Street tube, which carries the N and R between Queens and Manhattan, is closed this weekend, causing reroutes and split service operations. There is no direct N train service between Queens and Manhattan; northbound Q trains are terminating at Times Square; and R trains are running via 63rd Street to avoid the closure. The final service suspension affects the 7-line. There are no trains running between Willets Point and Flushing.

Riders will also have to contend with local-only service along Queens Blvd, so it will be another weekend of slow service. Finally, as part of a month-long (weekends only though) service change, downtown trains on 8th Ave are express only, while there is reduced service on the C-line as part of this.

The map as always, has all of the details for easy viewing. Click on the link for the details. Enjoy the weekend.


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