Weekend of Jan. 31st

Good evening everyone. Originally we had a few more service changes than are actually posted on these two maps. That’s right, I said two maps. There are a few changes in place that only run through late Saturday, well really only one closure along Lenox Ave that affects four subway lines, that I decided to make separate maps for both days. It makes things a little cleaner in my opinion.

Now to get to those service disruptions. As previously stated, the Lenox Ave line will be shutdown on Saturday, forcing a split of the 2-line and complete or partial suspensions of the 3 and 5 lines respectively. The only other suspensions in place are on the 7 west of Queensboro Plaza and the L between Union Square and 8 Av. As I mentioned, there were other major diversions in place, but they were cancelled, possibly because of the bone-chilling temperatures tomorrow and the threat of another snowstorm come Sunday evening.

Check out both maps for the full details.



Enjoy the weekend and try to stay warm folks.

SUNDAY EDIT: Trains run normally on 8th Avenue for the remainder of this weekend. However, due to the Cold Weather Plans in effect, service may run local in sections.

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