Weekend of Feb. 7th

Good afternoon folks. If everything goes according to plan and the MTA doesn’t cancel half of these service changes because of inclement weather, this will be another moderately annoying weekend on the rails. Like it was last Saturday, the Lenox Ave line will be closed off. 2 train service will be split with shuttle buses running between 96 St and 3 Av-149 St. The 3 line will be completely suspended with shuttle buses and the 4 trains replacing normal service.

Another major service change in place on the Lefferts Blvd/Rockaways line. Service between Rockaway Blvd and Lefferts Blvd will be replaced by shuttle buses. This is to prepare for station renovations at Rockaway Blvd, which begin this weekend. Speaking of which, Lefferts Blvd and Rockaways-bound A trains will continue to bypass Rockaway Blvd until the summer.

We also have to contend with the usual service changes. like the ongoing suspension of the L-line between Union Square and 8 Av. Again, Coney Island-bound D trains are running via the Sea Beach N-line, while Queens-bound F trains are rerouted via 53rd St. There are also several express runs in place, mainly along the Culver and Queens Blvd lines.

As always, check out the map for the details.


If anything changes, I’ll try to keep you updated. Enjoy the weekend.

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