Weekend of Mar. 27th

Another month has bit the dust, even if doesn’t exactly feel like it. Let’s dive right into this weekend’s service changes. Once again, the 7 is not running past Hunters Point Av and the A is suspended on the Lefferts Blvd branch. Also, we’re back to not having the 5 run on the Dyre Ave line. Finally, train service across the Williamburg Bridge is suspended during the daytime hours. J trains will run between Jamaica Center and Hewes St while the M will run only as a shuttle along the Myrtle Ave line. This weekend, there will not be a Manhattan J shuttle train between Essex St and Chambers St, so are going to want to plan your trip in advance, especially if you’re travelling between Lower Manhattan and the Jamaica elevated.

As usual, express/local runs are plenty, some normal, some not so much. The map has the details. Click on the link for it.

Updated Map

Enjoy the weekend.

SUNDAY EDIT: During the evening hours, M train service will be extended to the Chambers St J-line station.


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