Weekend of April 4th

Good evening folks. Apologies for not having this up at the usual time, but prior engagements prevented me from having access to my computer. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at this weekend’s service changes. The biggest service disruptions are on the Broadway lines. N train service is suspended between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza, while R trains are rerouted to 6th Ave/53rd St, following the D and M lines between Brooklyn and Queens. Because of that, N trains are running via Lower Manhattan and Q trains are running local. That means it will be a slow trip on any of those lines.

Moving away from that mess, we have a few other service changes to contend with. Manhattan-bound D trains are running via the Sea Beach line in Brooklyn. We’ve got our favorite local run on Queens Blvd as well as a few prominent express runs scattered around. In a bit of good news, for this weekend and the next, M train service is extended to the Chambers St J-line station during the daytime and evening hours. That offers a few more transfers for other lines, so there’s that. The map is linked below. As always, enjoy the weekend.


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