Weekend of Apr. 24th

Good afternoon everyone. It’s another weekend with more of the same. The L trains are still not running between Lorimer St and 8 Avenue. There is once again, no 5 train service north of E 180 Street and A trains are not running to Lefferts Blvd, We’ve got a few other reroutes to contend with. Queens-bound F trains are running via the E-line from Rockefeller Center to Roosevelt Av. Speaking of Queens Blvd, this will be another weekend where service is mostly local along the line. Due to the aforementioned L-line closure, M train service is extended to 57 Street during the daytime and evening hours. Watch out for those express runs on the Lexington and 7th Ave lines. Check out the map for the details.

Before we get to the map, I have a bit of good news. After being closed for so long, both Buhre Av and Zerega Av will reopen Monday morning. However, downtown 4 and 6 trains will bypass 103 Street starting early next month.


Enjoy the weekend.


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