Weekend of May 15th

Good evening folks. It’s another busy weekend on the rails. 5 and L trains are still not running in their usual locations. However, in a bit of good news, this is the last weekend of the L-line shutdown. There’s also that ongoing work on the Queens Blvd line that wraps up this weekend as well. There are also a few major express runs in place, mainly on the 8th Avenue line. Brooklyn-bound trains are express-only from 125 Street to Canal St. Check out the map for all of the details.


Have a nice weekend.

One thought on “Weekend of May 15th

  1. It’s a rare weekend where work (other than their typical ferry timing spiel) is done on the SIR, but this weekend there is a notice:

    Boarding change at Richmond Valley, Nassau and Atlantic Stations

    Weekend, 7 AM to 2 PM, Sunday, May 17

    All trains board at the St. George-bound platform.

    Thanks for the map every week, it’s far and beyond anything the MTA does.

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