Weekend of July 18th

Hello everyone. It’s another crazy weekend on the rails. Basically, most of last weekend’s service disruptions have carried over to this one. That means no 5 trains, the F desperately trying to be a C train and a metric ton of express runs. One major difference however is on the N line. This weekend, shuttle buses are replacing trains between 59 Street and Stillwell Av while N trains are rerouted over the West End line in both directions.

As always, click on the link below for the map.

Enjoy the weekend.

SUNDAY EDIT: The map has been updated to fix a few errors.

Updated Map


2 thoughts on “Weekend of July 18th

    • The best answer I can give you is to check out the MTA’s official website for service changes past the upcoming weekend. I was debating posting weekend service changes in advance, but the various updates they make to the planned service changes would mean I would have to update those maps fairly often.

      Answering the other question, the 5 will be out of service for several weekends this summer as the MTA does various maintenance work along both the 2 and 5 lines.

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