Weekend of Aug. 15th

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you enjoyed that slight reprieve from the major service disruptions last weekend. This weekend, we have quite a few big service changes in place. Once again, the 5 is completely suspended and will remain so in some way or another for the next few weekends. Shuttle buses are also replacing train service between E 180 Street and 149 Street-Grand Concourse. The 1 is yet again suspended between 14 Street and South Ferry. Rounding out the list of line suspensions, E trains are rerouted from Jamaica Center to 179 Street with shuttle buses running in their place.

There are also several major reroutes in place as well. A and C trains are running via the F-line in both directions between W 4 Street and Jay St. The D and the N are doing their usual route flip-flop in Brooklyn. Finally, the E and F are running local through the entire span of the Queens Blvd line.

Check out the map for the details, along with the scattered express and local runs.


Enjoy the weekend.

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