Weekend of Aug. 29th

Good evening everyone. We have yet another difficult weekend on the rails. While there are some improvements, a few of the service changes in place last week have carried over to this weekend. The 1 is still not running past 14 Street. There still isn’t any train service between E 180 Street and 149 St-Grand Concourse. A and C trains continue to run via the F-line between W 4 Street and Jay St. Finally, E and F trains will run local along Queens Blvd. Adding to that list, there are no 3 trains running between Utica Av and New Lots Av. Also, shuttle buses are replacing N trains, which are running along the West End line in both directions, between 59 St/4 Av and Stillwell Av.

Rounding out this weekend’s mess, downtown F trains are running on the E-line from Roosevelt Av to Rockefeller Center. We seem to have traded a Culver express for a Brighton express since Manhattan-bound Q trains are running express only between Kings Hwy and Prospect Park.

In a bit of good news, the 5 is once again running for the weekend, even if it is just as the Dyre Ave shuttle. Also, for the 18,000th time this year, M train service has been extended to the Chambers St J-line station. Finally, Rockaway Blvd on the A-line is once again open in both directions.

The map has the details. Click on the link for it.


Enjoy the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend of Aug. 29th

  1. Nice to see some more station work at Lexington Av-63 St. It’s been 6 weeks since the last GO, the longest gap so far this year. I assume the work is slowing down because it’s apparently almost done (according to the MTA) but “almost done” isn’t the same as “done!” Plus, the faster the MTA finishes renovation work at 63 St, the faster they can start Sandy work in the 53 St Tunnel (unless there’s something else holding them up)

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