Weekend of Oct. 24th

Hello folks. This weekend is a little better than last week, but there are some major disruptions in place. You’ll definitely notice if you’re riding on the 1, 3, A, E or F lines. Not only is the 1 truncated to 14 Street on the southern end, but there’s also no service north of 137 Street. Once again, the seemingly endless rehab work on the Livonia Ave elevated has knocked out the 3 and 4 lines between Utica Av and New Lots Av. Speaking of station rehabs, that’s also the reason why the A and F are cut back to Euclid Av and Kings Hwy respectively. Finally, regarding the E, trains are rerouted over the F-line in both directions between Jackson Heights and W 4 Street.

There are as usual, a few express and local runs scattered around. Check out the map for the details.

Updated Map

Have a nice weekend.

SUNDAY EDIT: 6 trains are running local in the Bronx. Map has been updated to reflect this change in service.


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