Weekend of Feb. 13th

Good evening folks. With the weather turning dangerously cold, the last thing you want to do is stand on a platform waiting for a train that isn’t coming. With that said, let’s get to this weekend’s service disruptions.

Once again, 3 trains are not running between 96 Street and 148 Street. Speaking of recurring service changes, there is no J or M train service across the Williamsburg Bridge. On the Staten Island Railway, there are no trains running between Clifton and St. George.

There are also several diversions in place as well. 2 train service to/from Manhattan are running along the Dyre Ave line. Shuttle train service will run between 241 Street and E 180 Street. Brooklyn-bound F trains are bunking with the E from Roosevelt Av and W 4 Street. Another thing to keep in mind, there are several instances where trains are running either local or express where they shouldn’t. Most importantly, D and N trains are local-only along 4th Avenue in Brooklyn.
Be mindful that because of the Presidenr’s Day holiday, some service changes run through early Tuesday morning as opposed to Monday.

Map for 02.13-02.16

Enjoy the weekend and do try to stay warm out there folks.


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