Weekend of May 7th

Good evening. This weekend, we have a bit of a reprieve from the usual slew of service disruptions. For once, 4 train service is running between Manhattan and Brooklyn. 1 trains are also running in Lower Manhattan for a change. Don’t celebrate yet though. Service on the 1-line is suspended north of 137 Street. In the Bronx, there is no 5 train service between E 180 Street and Dyre Av, nor are there any 6 trains running north of Parkchester. Finally, service on the Culver line is messed up with absolutely no service south of Church Av and G trains not running south of Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts.

Check out the map for the details on these and the other service changes in effect this weekend.

Map for 05.07-05.09

Enjoy the weekend.

One thought on “Weekend of May 7th

  1. Your website is amazing, and the maps are a huge service to New York! I’m developing a transit app for NYC and would love to get your insights – how can I get in touch?

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