Weekend of May 14th

Good evening. It’s a bit of the same, but with a twist here and there. The 1 trains are still not running past 14 Street and the 4 train service is once again suspended in Brooklyn. This is the last weekend where 6 train are cut back to Parkchester. For once, the 5 is running its normal route between Dyre Av and Bowling Green. There’s not even a reduction of service scheduled. On the other side, work on the Culver line will suspend G service between Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts and Church Av along with F train service south of Church Av. Wrapping up the list of suspensions, the 42nd Street shuttle between Grand Central and Times Square is closed for the weekend. Also, C train service is cut back to 145 Street again.

In terms of other reroutes, Fix and Fortify work once again affects the A, C and E lines crossing the East River. Nothing new there. Manhattan-bound D trains are running via the Sea Beach line in Brooklyn. Finally, be mindful of the express runs. This weekend, the downtown R trains are really take the cake, running express along Queens Blvd, Broadway and 4th Avenue.

The map is linked below.

Map for 05.14-05.16

Enjoy the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Weekend of May 14th

  1. outrageous that New Yorkers are subjected to this! Not the rich, of course, they don’t take the subways. Impossible to get anywhere. Also not clear what is running. Is the E running. Even your instructions are garbled.

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