Weekend of Aug. 20th

Good afternoon everyone. After last weekend’s relatively light list of service disruptions, we return to what passes for normality with a whole slew of major disruptions and diversions. First off, Fix and Fortify work moves to the Clark St tunnels. That means there will not any 2 or 3 trains running between Manhattan and Brooklyn this weekend. Service in Brooklyn will be provided by 4 and 5 local trains. Also to balance out the MTA internal workload, 2 and 5 trains are switching their northern terminals as well. 5 trains will run 241 St in lieu of the 2 trains, which are unfortunately terminating at E 180 Street due to track work along the Dyre Ave line.

Of course, that’s only one major disruption. D train service is suspended between Herald Square and the Barclays Center. There are no A trains running north of 168 Street. Finally, there are no L trains running between Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs and Rockaway Pkwy.

Moving away from the partial line suspensions, there are still a few major diversions to contend with as well. As usual, E trains are running via 63rd Street and 6th Avenue due to more Fix and Fortify work. Also, for what feels like the millionth time, all service along Queens Blvd is local-only. Finally, due to the aforementioned suspension of D train service, N trains will run local in Brooklyn all weekend.

Check out the map for a complete list of service changes.

Map for 08.20-08.22

2 thoughts on “Weekend of Aug. 20th

    • Naturally, the service change said 2 trains were terminating at South Ferry for all of three weeks prior, but was once again changed at the last minute. The map has been updated to reflect the change.

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