Weekend of Aug. 27th

Good afternoon. This weekend is slightly better than last weekend. There are few major diversions on the lettered lines. However, all of the work on the 2, 3, 4 and 5 lines will carry over from last weekend. That means there will be no 2 or 3 train service running between Manhattan and Brooklyn, while 4 and 5 local trains will pick up the slack in Brooklyn. Moving away from that service change, there are a few others to contend with. Once again, 5 train service is suspended between E 180 Street and Dyre Av. Also, Manhattan-bound D trains are running via the N-line between Coney Island and 36 Street. Remember, most stations along the Sea Beach line are closed in the Manhattan-bound direction, so you will have to double-back at 36 Street and not New Utrecht Av/62 St as per usual when this service change occurs. Finally in terms of reroutes, Queens-bound F trains are running through the 53rd Street tunnels.

As always, there are a few express/local-only sections scattered about. Use the map to avoid them, or at least know what’s going on.

Map for 08.27-08.29

The site is back on Twitter. Tweet me @Subway_Weekender. As always, enjoy the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Weekend of Aug. 27th

  1. Two suggestions:
    -You may want to indicate somehow if the obvious point doesn’t have a crossover. For instance, if one doesn’t have an unlimited, one would need to transfer at 157 instead of 145 on the (1).
    -The “bypass line” on the map is a nice cue for one way express runs, but when an express train runs local in one direction and the local is unaffected in both directions, it’s unnecessary clutter and probably can be removed. Just the callout box is enough.

    Thanks for the great work 🙂

    • Regarding the first point, I really haven’t given it much thought. I’ll include that information in the service change box. For the second point, I assume you’re referring to the A and D local run between 125 Street and Columbus Circle. I like to include the express line as well for these local runs since it clearly shows that service in the other direction is unaffected. While the local service run may be clear on the D with the directional arrows, it’s not as clear for the A and C lines. Thanks for the feedback though.

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