Weekend of Dec. 17th

Good evening. Originally, there were going to be a couple more service changes than last weekend, but the forecast of a mix of snow and rain throughout most of the weekend means that once again, we have more of the same service changes in effect as previous ones. The 5 still isn’t running on the Dyre Ave line. There is still no Broadway service in Lower Manhattan as N and R trains run across the Manhattan Bridge. Returning this weekend is the suspension of A train service to/from Lefferts Blvd. The other service reroutes, like the one where F trains run via the E-line, or the one that has Manhattan-bound J and M trains running express, are here as well. The map has the details.

Map for 12.17-12.19

As next weekend is Christmas, there will be no post with the list of service changes. Of course, since next weekend is Christmas, that means there will not be any service changes in the first place. The usual weekend map is available at the link on the top of this page.

Enjoy the weekend and happy holidays.


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