Weekend of Feb. 25th

Good evening. While it may not feel like February outside, it’s still technically winter, which means we have a slew of service changes to deal with. First and foremost, D and F train service remains rerouted over the A/F and Q/D lines respectively. For those wondering, this is the last weekend of this major service change.

Of course, this is not the only service disruption to contend with. This weekend, 1 train service is completely suspended. 2 and 3 trains will run mostly local to compensate, but service south of Times Square will be dicey with the northbound local track out of service through Chambers St. 4 trains are not running in Brooklyn once again, but at this point, is it really that surprising. Naturally, with the 4 truncated to Brooklyn Bridge, 5 trains are not running past Grand Central. Finally, shuttle buses are replacing the Staten Island Railway between Tompkinsville and St. George. This is the last weekend for this service change as well.

Wrapping up the list of service changes, N trains are running their late-night route via Whitehall St, making all stops in Brooklyn all weekend. Also, be mindful of the one-directional express-only service on Queens Blvd, this time towards Forest Hills and Jamaica.

Map for 02.25-02.27

Enjoy the weekend.


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