Weekend of Mar. 4th

Good evening. Well, the work on 6th Avenue has finally ended. Don’t celebrate just yet as we have a whole new set of recurring service changes to contend with. First off, starting this weekend, there will be sporadic closures on the Myrtle Ave line that will likely last through Spring. Secondly, there are several service suspensions and reroutes that will be in effect every weekend this month, including the suspension of 7-line service west of Queensboro Plaza and the re-routing of A and C trains through the Rutgers St tunnel.

There are also some other major service changes as well. 1 trains are not running between 14 Street and South Ferry. 4 trains are running via the 5-line, which is completely suspended this weekend, between 138 Street and E 180 Street. F trains are not running south of Church Av. Finally, for the riders in Staten Island, shuttle buses replace trains south of Huguenot.

Also, there are a slew of one-directional express runs. To wrap up, in a bit of good news, after a long delay, the Pennsylvania Av station has finally reopened after the October crash.

Map for 03.04-03.06
Enjoy the weekend.


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